Hilarious pictures of the wild toad that’s becoming an Instagram hit – INSIDER

Hilarious pictures of the wild toad that's becoming an Instagram hit - INSIDER 2
  • Savannah Mikell, a college student in Florida, noticed the same spotted toad visiting her home’s front porch.
  • Mikell started to take pictures of the toad in a detailed dollhouse doing everyday tasks like barbecuing, surfing the internet, and watching movies.
  • Toby Toad’s Instagram account has been making thousands of people smile.
  • Mikell told INSIDER that Toby keeps coming back to her porch, even though he generally runs free.
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In the latest edition of humans making social media accounts for animals, one woman from Florida has turned a wild toad into a budding Instagram sensation.

Savannah Mikell, a 23-year-old college student living in a rural town near Gainesville, Florida, grew up noticing toads flock to the porch of her home during summertime.

Throughout the past month, she noticed one toad in particular that frequented the house, and she decided to make it the subject of a made-up storyline, Mikell told INSIDER in an interview.

“I garden a lot, and I always noticed this one toad that had vibrant colors and a lot of spots,” Mikell said. “I thought it would be funny to take a piece of furniture from a dollhouse that I own and put him on the couch. At first, it was meant to be a joke for my Facebook friends, but it blew up, and I kept including the toad in more scenes.”

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Now, followers of Toby Toad, or Yaboi_Toby_Toad on Instagram, can see the wild toad living its best life as it stars in elaborate scenes, such as tea parties with mini-sandwiches and movie nights with tiny snacks.

Keep reading to see the pictures of Toby Toad that are making people smile.

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