Looking Back at Sharon Tate’s Fashion Legacy – L’Officiel – L’Officiel

Looking Back at Sharon Tate's Fashion Legacy - L'Officiel - L'Officiel 2

Tate preferred to keep a simplistic look, but never without some exquisite and powerful touches. The mini skirt, a new phenomenon during the actress’ time after Mary Quant popularized it for a rebellious new youth culture, was one of her wardrobe staples. It remains a fashion favorite today, and of course, Robbie wears the style in Tarantino’s feature film in the spirit of chic historical accuracy.

Another regular fixture in Tate’s closet was the minidress. Always one to take a style to new heights, the actress rocked the trend in more casual, T-shirt versions as well as more exquisite and nautical interpretations.

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