These Two Sisters Are Taking An Old School Approach To Growing Their Fashion Brand – Forbes

These Two Sisters Are Taking An Old School Approach To Growing Their Fashion Brand - Forbes 2

Brittney and Mia Rothweiler, founders of The Range.

Courtesy of The Range

The concept of going door to door for anything seems almost ancient especially when it comes to retail. With most retail business conducted online, Mia and Brittney Rothweiler decided to take a different approach to grow their fashion brand, The Range. When the Rothweiler sisters launched  The Range instead of pitching retailers via email they took a road trip across the country to meet the owners and operators of stores that would potentially carry their line. That “door to door” strategy is what got them into doors across the country in less than a year beyond their online presence on Shopbop, Intermix and Net-a-Porter.

The sisters chat about how their personal approach brought them early success as an indie fashion brand.

The Rothweiler  sisters with their brand, The Range.

Courtesy of The Range

Yola Robert: How is The Range different from other indie brands out there today? How do you ensure your personal touch with each collection?

Brittney Rothweiler: We’ve truly gathered our first-hand experiences in both retail and sales and curated a brand that has a specific target in mind. We keep the collections concise every time, giving you what we feel is the best of the best in each category we design. We know who we are, we know who we’re designing for, and we are constantly evolving with the needs of the market, the desires of the customer to keep elevating our collection each season. We’re not chasing trends, we’re aiming to be a timeless and chic and help you effortlessly style your everyday wardrobe.

Mia and I have been taking road trips across the country, literally from New York to Los Angeles and back, visiting stores we already well to and also potential stores we think The Range would fit with. The point of the trips are to get a first-hand experience of what each market is like, who the customer is, talk to the owners and staff to really get a true perspective of what the market is out there.  These travels have helped us get a better idea of what to design and what we’re able to sell to our customers. It’s easy to stay in the NY/LA bubbles but there’s so much more outside of these that you have to take into consideration.

Mia Rothweiler: The curation is more concise and specific…it’s ethos is us which makes it easy to create. We’ve also done extensive brand and store research traveling across the country to every market and store we’ve wanted to sell to and that has given us a vast understanding of our customers.

Robert: What advice do you have for other women who want to start a clothing line in today’s saturated market?

B. Rothweiler: To have a clear point of view and a precise target customer. Do your market research before you launch a line so that you know exactly what your customer’s needs are.

M. Rothweiler: Make sure to have a clear point of view and ethos to your brand and stick to it. I think some brands try to be everything to everyone and that’s hard especially when you’re starting out. You have to find and really KNOW your market and niche. Also, finding a good team is important. Brittney, David, and I all feel really lucky to all have each other and being friends and family first to now working together. A support system and strong team are so important when going through the challenges of building a brand. 

Robert: How has it been working together as sisters to build your brand?

B. Rothweiler :  I honestly couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect scenario. Mia is truly my counterpoint and we really complement and balance each other out.  Starting a business is such hard work and such an emotional rollercoaster, so to have your sister be going through this crazy journey hand in hand with you makes the successes that much sweeter and the hard times less lonely.

M. Rothweiler : Honestly amazing, we work together the same way we grew up together, played basketball together, hang out together, have friends together.  We have complete respect and love for one another and each has our role.  We know to stay in our own lane but realize that we’re only the best at what we’re doing if we have each others skill set and support working hand in hand. 

Robert: Where do you get inspiration from for each collection?

B. Rothweiler: I pull inspiration from our everyday lives, the people we surround ourselves with, the lifestyle we live. I want to design clothing that will take us through not only that specific season but be timeless. Each piece has to be elevated and unique in design but also flow together with all the other pieces in the collection as well as past and future collections. I want our customers to build their wardrobes piece by piece with every Range collection that I design.

M. Rothweiler: Ourselves, our lives, our friends, how we live, and what we want to be wearing while we’re moving and shaking.

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